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Support for your technical team in specialized areas such as the diagnosis of electrical power quality problems, prediction of harmonic distortion, and power quality filter design.

Offering high reliability precision components, by the world’s leading manufacturers, for use in assembly of power factor equipment, harmonic filters and motor sine wave filters. Low and medium voltage components available.

Presenting technical seminars, webinars and training programs covering a range of electrical power quality topics. Basic and intermediate programs available.

Power Quality Helpline

Technical Book - “Clean Power Electronic Converters” By: Derek Paice
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Allied Industrial Marketing is an independent power quality firm providing power quality services, harmonic analysis, and filter design for electrical / architectural engineers, commercial and industrial facilities, systems integrators, OEMs and more.

Harmonic Analysis and Power Factor Correction:

We offer predictive analysis for harmonic distortion and power factor correction. We can determine the cause and recommend solutions for voltage and current distortion. We will review single line diagrams for sources of power quality disturbances and analyze power quality data and disturbance producing loads then run simulations to evaluate alternative solutions. Our in-depth reports include an executive summary, simulation results, recommended alternative solutions with current and voltage distortion to the 100th harmonic. We can determine compliance with power quality standards such as:

Filter Design:

We can design filters to solve power quality problems and provide the complete filter circuit and component specifications. We will provide simulated prediction for filter performance. We will work with your product offering, engineers and objectives to produce filter solutions that meet your goals.

Seminars and Training:

We offer basic, intermediate and customized seminars on harmonics, power factor correction and impact of pulse width modulation (PWM) voltage on motors or grids. We offer explanations of the causes, problems and solutions for power quality topics for commercial, industrial, institutional and utility applications. Seminars include information geared for system integrators, architectural engineers, grid-tie applications, OEMs and more. Time is included for questions and answers.

Reactors, Inductors and Capacitors:

We offer both world class heavy duty reactors (inductors) from Hans von Mangoldt and Frako power factor capacitors for power factor correction and harmonic filtering. We are the factory authorized North American technical sales office for both Mangoldt Reactors and Frako Capacitors and offer application engineering for both products.

FRAKO - cURus File #337088 (when used at ≤ 600 volts) IEC 831-1, -2 / EN 60831-1,-2, CSA File # MC 256833
Hans von Mangoldt - cURus File # E 173113, IEC 60076

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