Introduction to Power Quality Seminar July 19, 2019 Our Most Popular Seminar!

Introduction to Power Quality Seminar, July 19, 2019 Our Most Popular Seminar! This 4-hour course, Introduction to Power Quality Seminar, is applicable to electrical industry professionals serving either industrial or commercial environments. For maximum benefit of this course, participants should have an understanding of basic electrical principles such as Ohms law, power, electrical metering, motors, and general […]

Harmonics Seminar June 21, 2019

Harmonics Seminar June 21, 2019,  $249 The Harmonics Seminar June 21, 2019, is an eight-hour seminar (approved by the State of Wisconsin DSPS).  This power quality seminar explains harmonic distortion and its causes, identifies problems associated with harmonics and practical limits for harmonic distortion. The seminar teaches methods to identify, reduce and to avoid harmonics […]

Power Factor Seminar Dec. 14, 2018, 8 AM – Noon

Power Factor Seminar Dec. 14, 2018 – $139.00 Buy Tickets on Eventbrite   Power Factor Seminar PQ-(102) Power Factor Seminar accredited by State of Wisconsin DSPS # 17409 4 credit hrs. Great for Commercial Electrical Inspector Certification, Industrial Journeyman Electrician License, Journeyman Electrician License, Master Electrician License and Electrical Professionals. This four-hour power factor seminar […]

Frako Quality Capacitors Ensures Reliability

The Leading-Edge Technology of Frako Quality Capacitors results in the optimum basis for the safe and reliable operation of Power Factor Correction Systems and Harmonic Filters. FRAKO Power Capacitors ensure maximum lifetime and reliability with the “unique” fourfold safety system including – Self-healing polypropylene film – Segmented Metallization – Solder-free winding connection with the patented […]

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