January 18, 2019 Seminar : Introduction to Power Quality Seminar (PQ-101)

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Date(s) - Friday, January 18, 2019
8:00 am - 12:00 pm

Allied Industrial Marketing, Inc. Stoneridge Office Center


Power Quality Seminars Approved by Wisconsin Department of Safety and Professional Services DSPS Course ID #  18431

This 4 hour course, Introduction to Power Quality Seminar, is applicable to electrical industry professionals serving either industrial or commercial environments. For maximum benefit of this course, participants should have an understanding of basic electrical principles such as Ohms law, power, electrical metering, motors and general electrical equipment and systems and a working knowledge of basic algebra. (4 PDH)


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Course Outline – 4 hour seminar

  1. Explanation of power quality [30 minutes]
    1. What quality power looks like
    2. Problems with poor quality power
    3. Steady state vs Transient types of disturbances
  2. Power Frequency Disturbances [60 minutes] – Power factor

    1. Definition of power factor (PF)
    2. Problems with low PF
  • Remedies
  1. Voltage sags, under-voltage and outages
    1. Definition of sags, under-voltages and outages
    2. Causes of sags, under-voltages and outages
  • Typical remedies to protect against sags, under-voltage and outages
  1. Voltage swells and over-voltage
    1. Definition of swells and over-voltages
    2. Sources of swells and over-voltages
  • Typical remedies to protect against swells and over-voltages
  • High Frequency Disturbances
    1. Transient over-voltages [30 minutes]
      1. Definition of transients
      2. Sources of transient over-voltages
  • Typical remedies to protect against transients
  1. Electromagnetic Interference (EMI) [30 minutes]
    1. Definition of EMI and RFI
    2. Sources of EMI
  • Typical remedies to protect against EMI
  1. Harmonic distortion [30 minutes]
    1. Definition of harmonic distortion
    2. Distorted waveforms & harmonic spectra
  • Sources of harmonics & effects of impedance
  1. Harmonic resonance with capacitors
  1. PWM Voltage Distortion [30 minutes]
    1. Effect of pulsed voltage on motors
    2. Voltage reflection & voltage doubling
  • Typical methods to protect motors
  1. Power Quality Measurements [30 minutes]
    1. Measurements, locations, instruments
    2. PQ waveforms
    3. Wrap up


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