GenMet Enclosures

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GenMet Enclosures – Ventilated Indoor / Outdoor Metal Electrical Enclosures

GenMet Enclosures Series E2

GenMet Capacitor Enclosures Series E 2

GenMet Enclosures

GenMet General Enclosures Series E 1

GenMet Enclosures Series E1 General Purpose or Series E2 Capacitor specialized enclosures


GenMet Enclosures – Ventilated Metal Electrical Enclosures are designed for use with a variety of electrical and electronic apparatus.

Indoor / Outdoor Rated GenMet enclosures Series E1 and E2 Metal Enclosures are both suitable for use in either Type 1 (indoor) or Type 3R (outdoor) installations.
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Ventilation Louvers Series E1 and E2 metal enclosures include louvers for natural flow thru ventilation to aid in the dissipation of internal heat.

Gray Powder Coat Paint Finish GenMet Enclosures are coated inside and out with Polyester Powder Coating (ASA-61 Gray) to protect against wear and rust.  For lower internal temperature rise in outdoor installations, enclosures may also be special ordered with white powder cost finish.

Ideal for Industrial Electrical Components  Their dimensional geometry, combined with standard ventilation louvers makes GenMet Series E1 and E2 enclosures ideal for a wide variety or electrical apparatus such as: Line reactors,Power factor capacitors, Motor drive, Power & control devices.  All GenMet enclosures are produced in an ISO 9001 certified facility using state-of-the-art manufacturing equipment and lean manufacturing processes.

GenMet’s fabricating capabilities and services can produce custom enclosures made to your exact specifications.  Contact us or call us today at 1-262-618-2403 for more information.

Basic Specifications
 Indoor / Outdoor Rated  Convenient Standard Sizes
 cULus, Type 1 / Type 3R  Horizontal and Vertical Panels
 Ideal for Electrical Components  Standard Gray / Optional White


For more information about GenMet Series E1 or Series E2 please visit our product pages:

Series E1 Enclosures for General Purpose
Series E2 Enclosures for Capacitors
Optional Accessories Series E1 & Series E2
Capacitor Mounting Accessories 

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