Enclosure Series E1

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Enclosure Series E1

Indoor / Outdoor Ventilated General Purpose Enclosure Series E1 

Enclosures Series E1 GenMet Enclosures

Enclosures Series E1

GenMetEnclosure Series E1 Standard ventilation louvers eliminate the need for optional louver kit installation on your production floor. Our standard enclosures are ideal for protecting electrical devices such as Line Reactors, Power Factor Capacitors and Adjustable Speed Drives (ASDs). Optional panels facilitate mounting components in either the horizontal (bottom) or vertical plane. As an alternative, you can also use DIN rail. For pad mounting, an optional set of mounting feet is available. For OEMs, we offer customized enclosures and panels that include holes for mounting your specific devices.   Select the enclosure based on the physical size required, then confirm that the typical heat dissipation will be adequate for your equipment. For greater heat dissipation, either use a larger enclosure or consider having us provide more louvers for your enclosure.

Series E1 General Purpose Enclosure Dimensions (inches)
Catalog No. Width








Type 1 Type 3R Inches Inches Inches Lb / kg
E1-6S-1 E1-6S-3R 6.5 8.25 6.0 6 / 2.7
E1-8S-1 E1-8S-3R 8.0 10.25 7.0 9 / 4.1
E1-10S-1 E1-10S-3R 10.0 12.25 8.0 12.5 / 5.7
E1-12S-1 E1-12S-3R 12.0 16.25 9.0 18 / 8.2
E1-14S-1 E1-14S-3R 14.0 19.5 10.5 24.2 / 11
E1-18S-1 E1-18S-3R 18.0 24.25 12.0 36 / 16.4
E1-22S-1 E1-22S-3R 22.0 28.25 12.0 46.2 / 21

General Purpose Enclosure Series E1
Their dimensional geometry, combined with standard ventilation louvers makes GenMet Series E1 and E2 enclosures ideal for a wide variety or electrical apparatus such as:

  • Line reactors,
  • Power factor capacitors,
  • Motor drives,
  • Power & control devices,
  • And more

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