Enclosure Series E2

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Enclosure Series E2 / Capacitor Focused Enclosures with Weldnuts for Convenient Mounting

Indoor / Outdoor Ventilated Capacitor Focused Enclosure Series E2 

GenMet Enclosures Series E2

GenMet Enclosures Series E2


Enclosure Series E2 are designed to house cylindrical power factor capacitors having a diameter not exceeding 85mm. Standard units include weldnuts in the bottom for M12 capacitor studs and may be wall and foot mounted. Available for either Type 1 or Type 3R installations.Select the enclosure based on the number of capacitors to be installed, then confirm that the enclosure will be adequate for your equipment and its heat losses (watts).  Series E2 metal enclosures include louvers for natural flow thru ventilation to aid in the dissipation of internal heat.  For improved heat dissipation, either use a larger enclosure or consider having us provide more louvers.

Capacitor Enclosure

Series E2 Capacitor Enclosures

Series E2 Capacitor Enclosure Dimensions (inches)
Catalog No. Possible 85mm
Type 1 Type 3R Qty Inches Inches Inches Lb / kg
E2-10-1 E2-10-3R 1 10.0 19.0 8.0 14 / 6.4
E2-12-1 E2-12-3R 2 12.0 21.0 9.0 18 / 8.2
E2-14-1 E2-14-3R 4 14.0 24.0 12.0 28 / 12.7
E2-18-1 E2-18-3R 6 18.0 24.0 12.0 35 / 15.9

All GenMet enclosures are produced in an ISO 9001 certified facility using state-of-the-art manufacturing equipment and lean manufacturing processes.


  • Capacitor Enclosures
  • Capacitors with Contactors

Modifications Available:
A variety of enclosure modifications are available to fit your needs.  Some typical modifications include:

  • Knock-outs for conduit entry,
  • Holes for amps, controls, Indicators, etc.
  • Mounting panels with pre-punched holes
  • More  louvers for improved ventilation
  • More Colors such as white or other colors

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