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May 15, 2021

Mangoldt Adds 3 Filters Product Lines
Mangoldt Filter Line




New Sine Wave Filter / L-C-L Filter Kits & Harmonic Filter Kits offer high performance and flexibility


Mangoldt Adds 3 New Filter Product Lines. Mangoldt’s new line of CUL Listed PolyGap® Sine Wave Filters / L-C-L Filters, and VFD Input Harmonic Filters are available for use at up to 690V, 50 or 600V, 60 Hz. 

Press release:

Hans von Mangoldt introduces PolyGap® Sinewave Filters / L-C-L Filters & Input Harmonic Filters.

Mangoldt, working from many decades of experience and capitalizing on leading edge manufacturing technology, launches two new product lines. The PolyGap® Sine Wave Filter / L-C-L Filters, and the VFD Input Harmonic Filter kits utilize Mangoldt’s popular PolyGap®  core reactors for high performance, low power loss solutions to difficult power quality problems.

The new PolyGap® Sinewave Filter and VFD Input Harmonic Filter kits offer OEMs, integrators, engineering companies, and electrical contractors the high quality and flexibility needed to achieve exceptional power quality for AC or DC drive systems.  PolyGap® L-C-L filters are for active front end inverters as used for renewable energy systems, DC battery storage systems and VFDs with active front ends. We can even offer the products with liquid cooled reactors.  Our VFD Input Harmonic Filters can achieve 5%, 8% or 12% THDi and may also be used with DC drives and other 6-pulse AC to DC rectifiers. Selection can be based on whether or not the VFD has an internal reactor and is dependent on what level of harmonic current distortion you wish to achieve (5%, 8% or 12% THD-i).

Mangoldt’s in-depth experience with renewable energy, energy storage, oil & gas, power factor correction, grid-tied inverters plus HVAC and water industries has fueled our endeavor to offer the highest level of system power quality for electrical systems. Our reactors, both medium and low voltage as well as both air and liquid cooled, can be found in applications throughout the world.

Every Mangoldt reactor is fully tested and serialized and has a test report available. Our reactors have been UL Tested in real-world conditions including full harmonic currents and have built Mangoldt’s reputation for high quality and high reliability with many decades of operation in power factor and harmonic filter system applications. Filtered drive systems improve the quality of the power system voltage and enable electrical /electronic equipment to operate more effectively, efficiently and to last longer. The very reason to use a filter in the first place!


Technical Support Office and for more information contact:

John Houdek

Allied Industrial Marketing, Inc                

W67 N222 Evergreen Blvd., Suite 209

Cedarburg, WI 53012

Phone: 262-618-2403

Fax: 262-618-2303


Please visit our site for product brochures, technical papers and watts loss data.


Mangoldt Line of Reactors and Filters are stocked in both USA and Canada.

Direct sales through stocking partner:

PQ Components USA  email: info@pqcomponents.com

PQMC Canada  email: infopqmc@pqmcstore.com 

World Headquarters: www.mangoldt.com

Mangoldt Adds 3 Filters Product Lines
Mangoldt Filter Line


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