FAQ Mangoldt Reactor Line

FAQ Mangoldt Reactor Line

FAQ Mangoldt Reactor Line
Mangoldt PolyGap Reactors

Frequently Asked Questions FAQ About Mangoldt Reactors

1) What reactor types does Mangoldt produce?

3-phase, 1-phase, &  DC
Low and Medium Voltage (up to 36kV)
Line / Load Reactors
Detuning Reactors
Iron core & Air Core Reactors
Harmonic Filter Reactors
PWM Filtering Reactors
IGBT Filtering Reactors
Current Limiting Reactors
Inrush Reactors 
Liquid Cooled Reactors
Reactors for Renewable Energy Inverters

2) What is PolyGap® Construction?

PolyGap® Core construction uses many small individual air gaps, this technique achieves virtually no magnetic fields outside of the reactor, minimizes stray magnetic flux, minimizes losses due to harmonics, achieves precise and balanced inductance in all three phases, and improves overall performance in applications involving harmonics.

PolyGap Reactors
PolyGap®  Reactors





3) What is your voltage rating?

Low Voltage 120 volts to 1000 volts.
Medium Voltage 3 phase up to 17.5 kV; Single phase up to 36 kV

4) Do you have UL, CSA, IEC approvals?

Yes, for reactors up to 690V approvals from UL (USA & Canada) and IEC – CUL listed, cURus File # E 173113, plus IEC 60076

FAQ Mangoldt Reactor Line
7% Detuning Reactors







5) Do you make medium voltage reactors?

Yes! Medium Voltage (up to 36kV)

FAQ Mangoldt Reactor Line
Medium Voltage Reactors Up to 36kV







6) How long does it take to get a quote?

Typically, 1 to 2 business days for a complete and detailed quote.


7) What does the quote include?

The complete quote includes drawing, watt loss, dimensions, specs, quantity pricing and shipping costs if needed.


8) Do you have standard reactors?

Yes, we have a standard line of ACL Line Load Reactors (690V Max.) and DTR Detuning Reactors (480 and 600V).

FAQ Mangoldt Reactor Line
Mangoldt ACL Line Load & DTR Detuning Reactors 








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