Indirect Water Cooled Reactors

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Indirect Water Cooled Mangoldt Reactors / Inductors

Reactor Technology at its best.

water cooled reactors

Indirect Water Cooled Reactor

Hans von Mangoldt logoHans von Mangoldt offers indirect water cooled reactors.  Mangoldt water cooled inductor / reactor offer reliable performance, high efficiency and low temperature rise for severe conditions such as wind turbine converters. The winding’s of water cooled inductor / reactor are cooled by a corrosion-resistant Aluminium panel inserted within the coils offering efficient cooling (between the coil and core) in the already low temperature rise construction of our reactors featuring PolyGap® Cores.

Indirect Water Cooled Reactors Up to 35kV

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  • Indirect Water Cooled Reactors for Power Converters

Basic Specifications:

  • Construction:   Iron Core Water Cooled
  • Voltage:           600 volt class and up to 35 kV.
  • Phases:             3-phase, single-phase
  • Frequency:       50Hz, 60Hz, 400Hz, other.

Testing Capabilities:

Medium Voltage Routine Test: Inductance and power losses measured with harmonic currents present, inductance linearity and dielectric test.

Type Test:   Inductance, watts loss and temperature rise all with harmonics as agreed upon with customer. Lightning impulse voltage (BIL) test

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