Indirect Water Cooled Reactors

Indirect Water-Cooled Mangoldt Reactors / Inductors for Energy Storage, Renewable Energy, Wind Turbine Converters, and More

Water Cooled Reactors

Reactor Technology at its best.

Mangoldt Reactors LogoHans von Mangoldt offers indirect water cooled reactors.  Mangoldt offers reliable performance, high efficiency and low-temperature rise for severe conditions such as wind turbine converters. The winding’s of the inductor/reactor is cooled by a corrosion-resistant Aluminium panel inserted within the coils offering efficient cooling (between the coil and core) in the already low-temperature rise construction of our reactors featuring PolyGap® Cores.

Mangoldt indirectly water-cooled reactors ensure optimal heat transfer and reduce the space requirements for reactors.

Indirectly water-cooled chokes by MANGOLDT are compact yet they provide high performance and efficiency. Power losses are dissipated continuously and consistently through the water cooling circuit. This protects the reactor insulation material and ensures a long service life.

Reactors Up to 35kV

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  • Indirect Water-Cooled Reactors for Power Converters

Basic Specifications:

  • Construction:   Iron Core Water Cooled
  • Voltage:           600-volt class and up to 35 kV.
  • Phases:             3-phase, single-phase
  • Frequency:       50Hz, 60Hz, 400Hz, other.

Testing Capabilities:

Medium Voltage Routine Test: Inductance and power losses measured with harmonic currents present, inductance linearity and dielectric test.

Type Test:   Inductance, watts loss, and temperature rise all with harmonics as agreed upon with the customer. Lightning impulse voltage (BIL) test

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