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Mangoldt Reactors Exhibits At PCIM Europe May 5-7, 2019

Mangoldt Reactors at PCIM Europe 2019
Mangoldt Reactor Team at PCIM Europe 2019

During May 5-7, Mangoldt Reactors Exhibited At PCIM Europe.  The Mangoldt team enjoyed the Expo and met many new people. With over, 12,000 visitors, PCIM Europe is the leading international exhibition.  The popular PCIM Expo and Conference, which focuses on power electronics and its applications, has become an educational event. We enjoyed meeting many new people this year! Thank you for visiting us along with checking out our PolyGap Reactor Line of Products. 

Some of the Mangoldt products included:

Hans von Mangoldt (Mangoldt) has been producing reactors since 1941 and has supplied hundreds of thousands of reactors worldwide for a wide range of applications.  Our core product lines consist of iron-core and air-core reactors for reactive power compensation, harmonic filters, inverter and motor drive applications as well as other power quality solutions.

Next year PCIM will be on May 5-7, 2020 in Nuremberg.

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