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Oklahoma Oil & Gas Expo
Mangoldt Booth 521






We will be exhibiting at Oklahoma Oil & Gas Expo on October 14, 2021.  Come see Mangoldt products and our product demonstration for the “5-in-1” Line/Load Reactors and Sine Wave Filters.  John Houdek, Susan Houdek, Allied Industrial Marketing, and Paul, Sales Engineer for The Brady Waters Company, will be on hand to greet you.  Check our power quality solutions for the Oil & Gas industry.  It is free to attend, and we hope to see you there!

October 14, Mangoldt Booth 521.

Oklahoma Oil & Gas Expo – Meeting Industry Challenges:

  • Grid Connection
  • PWM Voltage
  • Harmonics
  • SCR Notching
  • Active Front End Converters
  • Renewable Energy
  • Custom Reactors

Sine Wave Filters, L-C-L Filters, Input Harmonic Filters, & “5-in-1” Line/Load Reactors

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