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Allied Industrial Marketing, Inc. Power Quality Specialists
What We DoWe provide power quality reports and power quality problem diagnosis along with technical and marketing support for Mangoldt Reactors and Frako Capacitors. We have dedicated ourselves to providing educational power quality seminars for electrical professionals. 
Who We AreJohn Houdek-BIO President & Engineer,   Susan Houdek VP Marketing
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June 29, 2020                                Mangoldt Reactors / Inductors




Robust Design Allows “5-in-1” Reactors for Use as Line or Load Reactors

Cedarburg, WI, June 29, 2020 – Mangoldt’s complete line of CUL Listed Type ACL “5-in-1” Line / Load Reactors are available for use at up to 690V, 50 or 60 Hz in both 3% and 5% impedance.  Mangoldt’s “5-in-1” Line & Load reactors are rugged enough to fill reactor needs ahead of or after the drive.  The “5-in-1” Reactors are engineered to withstand the conditions for use as a line reactor, load reactor, dv/dt reactor, PWM reactor, and an SCR Notch reactor. The exclusive PolyGap® Core Design achieves low power losses and high linearity inductance (the very thing you buy a reactor for).  These specially designed reactors protect drives against voltage and current spikes up to 200%. Mangoldt reactors serve, where commodity reactors often fail to protect drives from voltage transients.


Typical voltage spikes can be up to 200% of peak voltage, causing drives to trip and causing as much as 200% of nominal current through a line reactor. Line reactors are supposed to solve this, but commodity type reactors with low inductance linearity can lose much of their inductance during this common event, allowing too much of the transient to pass through and trip the drive. In the worst cases, rectifiers may be damaged.  Mangoldt “5-in-1” Reactors maintain sufficient inductance to protect equipment against voltage and current spikes!


According to many VFD users, especially in low HP drives, the over-voltage tripping problem had continued to occur when they used commodity reactors. In some cases, input rectifiers were still damaged. Mangoldt “5-in-1” Line/Load Reactors solved the problems, where others failed.

ACL Inductance Linearity

Mangoldt “5-in-1” Reactors maintain inductance to protect equipment against voltage & current spikes



Mangoldt’s Managing Director, Dr. Christian Kaehler, says, “Mangoldt’s Type ACL Line / Load Reactors are specially engineered to maximize the performance and protection of motor/drive systems. Customers around the world use them to absorb voltage transients and stop nuisance tripping of drives, reduce motor drive input harmonic distortion, reduce SCR voltage notches that can cause problematic equipment interference, reduce PWM peak voltage due to reflection, reduce motor temperature and noise, as well as reduce dv/dt.  One catalog number may be used for any of these purposes.”


Mangoldt’s “5-in-1” Line /Load Reactors were designed to go beyond the reactor commodity market and step up to today’s challenge of maximizing the protection for drives and other electrical equipment on an electrical power system. “We engineered strength into each of our Type ACL Reactors, instead of taking out costs and inductance. We have seen competitor’s reactors fail and wanted to fill this void,” states Kaehler.


Please visit our website for product brochures, technical papers, and technical data, including accurate watts loss data. Mangoldt Type ACL “5-in-1” Line/Load Reactors are stocked in the USA and Canada as well as Germany.


For more information, contact:

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Allied Industrial Marketing, Inc          
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ACL Line / Load Reactor with 5 in 1 logo

ACL Line / Load Reactor



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Mangoldt Reactors

Inductance Linearity Mangoldt ACL Reactors

ACL Line / Load Reactor with 5 in 1 logo

ACL Line / Load Reactor


  For Immediate Release                      

January 16, 2017

Frako introduces capacitor line for power quality equipment

The new and versatile DD60 capacitor line offers robust ratings with UL / CSA approval


CEDARBURG, Wis. Jan. 16, 2017 – Allied Industrial Marketing, Inc., the North American technical sales office for Frako Capacitors, announced a dual purpose capacitor product line for the power quality industry.  These capacitors are cURus, and CSA approved.   The unique design takes into consideration reactor voltage boosting and harmonics on the electrical system. 

The new DD60 capacitors are designed for real-world conditions such as high ambient temperature (up to 60°C continuous) and high harmonic current.  They can carry up to 165% of their nominal capacitor current, continuously giving high performance in harmonic environments.

Continuous voltage capability of 110% of rated voltage makes them suitable for use either with or without a series reactor (tuning, de-tuning, or filter). This unique rating is a first in power factor capacitor design and enables one capacitor to serve a multitude of applications.

The DD60 capacitors allow for a reactor to be retrofitted into an existing power factor system to block harmonics and prevent resonance.  They can be used with or without a series reactor in either power factor or harmonic filter systems minimizing stocking requirements.   

Frako DD60 capacitors include triple safety features such as all 3 phases disconnect at over pressure and self-healing, segmented metalized film to protect against catastrophic failures.  The DD60 capacitors are dry-type, no leak capacitors (with only a thin film of oil applied to metalized film where it is most beneficial), eliminating leakage of oil, which can occur in traditional oiled filled capacitors. The cylindrical design uses an optimized geometrical shape and conforms to industry best practices for internal heat dissipation.

Secure, maintenance-free terminals, which offer anti-vibration connections and maintain terminal pressure for the lifetime of the capacitor, are factory installed on all DD60 capacitors.  Type DD60 is available in voltage ratings of 240/264, 480/528, and 600/660.

Also available are Type DP60 in voltage ratings 690 and 800V, with slightly different performance specifications.

Allied Industrial Marketing, Inc. is a Wisconsin-based company that specializes in power quality services and components to support the power quality industry worldwide.  Formed in 2003 as an independent resource for power quality, Allied Industrial Marketing offers harmonic analysis, power quality diagnosis, filter design, Mangoldt reactors, Frako capacitors, and educational power quality seminars.  The company is a member of IEEE, AFE, WAEE, PFMA. For more information, visit our website at

Allied Industrial Marketing, Inc.

W67 N222 Evergreen Blvd., Suite 209

Cedarburg, WI 53012


 Photo enclosed

Frako LKT DD60 Capacitor Line

Frako LKT DD60 Capacitor Line


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