C-Module Series Power Factor Capacitor Assemblies

Modular Power Factor Capacitor Assemblies

Modular Power Factor Capacitor Assemblies


Frako C-Module

Hans von Mangoldt logoFRAKO C-Modules are ideal for UL508A Industrial Control Panel Builders to quickly assemble power factor systems.

C-Module for North America

FRAKO C-Modules are pre-engineered power factor capacitor assemblies with everything you need including PF capacitor, cabling, over-current protection, contactors, fusebase (w/ or w/o fuses) and integral bus bars. The only options necessary to select are filter reactors and kVAR increments (steps).  For the North America market, FRAKO offers  C-Modules with all UL approved (CAN/US) components making it easy for UL-508A industrial control panel builders to assemble a UL-508A system.  For any exports, FRAKO also offers an IEC version.
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Modular Power Factor Capacitor Assemblies

The universal design of the C-Module allows easy assembly into many standard enclosures. The ease and convenience of FRAKO C-Modules facilitates the assembly of a complete Automatic Power Factor Correction System in as little as a few hours.  (Construct a 500 Kvar System in a single cabinet in about 4 hours)

Complete Pre-engineered Modules
Capacitors: CSA & cURus
Contactors & Fuse Base w/ Integral Bus Bars: cULus
Save Space – Fits Up to 500 kvar in One Cabinet
Save Time in Manufacturing & Engineering


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