Power Factor Controller

Power Factor Controller

Intelligent Power Factor Switching with Auto-Commissioning.

Frako PQC Controller

Frako PQC Controller – Set-up Video

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The PQC Power Quality Controller is the ideal choice for OEMs, integrators, panel builders, installers, and users. The PQC Controller simplifies start-up and use of a power factor correction or harmonic filtering system.
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Automatic Power Factor Control Relay

The FRAKO Power Factor Control Relays automatically detects the amount of kVAR needed to meet a target power factor and switches in the proper amount.  The auto-commissioning feature identifies the current and kVAR requirements of normal loads and avoids over-compensation at light loads.

The control relay’s intelligent mode of operation ensures that the target parameters are monitored and maintained with the lowest possible number of switching cycles. This minimizes the wear of the power factor correction system and reduces disturbances on the electrical system.

6 or 12 Steps
Two target power factor values
For Systems up to 690V
Programmable Control characteristic

The patented characteristic curve controls the set target power factor (cos phi) as a minimum value under normal load while simultaneously preventing over-correction under low load conditions. Communication port is available!

UL approved! (cUL listed)

Stages, Measuring, Aux VoltageTYPE No.ARTICLE No.
12 Stage, 1 ph, 100-480 VPQC 1204801-038-00406
12 Stage, 3 ph, 100-480 VPQC 1204803-038-00407
6 Stage, 1 ph, 100-480 VPQC 0614801-038-00410
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Frako Stocking Partner CAN


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