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Frako Power Electronics Capacitors; the Safer, Stronger Capacitor for Power Quality Filters. 

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Frako Type LKT-F capacitors are power electronic capacitors which are designed specifically for use with non-sinusoidal voltage and current including Pulse Width Modulated (PWM) voltage.  Type LKT-F capacitors may be used in various types of filters for use at the input or output side of inverters and drives. They may be applied in either switched (PWM) DC (VN ratings) or AC (Vrms ratings) filter circuits. Frako offers both single-phase and 3-phase capacitors. Frako Power Electronics Capacitors are UL certified and comply with IEC Standard 61071.



Power Electronics Capacitor Catalog:

Frako Power Electronics Capacitors Catalog

Installation Instructions:

Frako AC Power Capacitor Installation Instructions

Specification Tables:

Capacitors 3-Phase
Capacitors 1-Phase

General Technical Data

Dielectric:         Metallized polypropylene film, with segmentation
Impregnation: Mineral filler material + adhesive stabilizer
Contact:            Solder-free connections to windings made with contact rings
Fuse:                 All phase over-pressure dis-connector
Casing:             Aluminum casing with mounting stud (M12)
Connection:    Max. 16 mm² maintenance-free cage clamp
Ingress:            Protection IP00, IP20
Discharge:       Resistors are factory installed



        • Over-voltage tolerance
        • Current-carrying capacity
        • Thermal endurance   


      • Frako LKT-F capacitors include Four-Fold safety features such as: all 3 phases disconnect at over-pressure,  self-healing, segmented metallized film, dry-type no leak capacitors (with only a thin film of oil applied to metallized film where it is most beneficial), Contact Ring spot-welded for increased reliability eliminating damage during production and offering Lead-Free capacitors.  The cylindrical design uses optimized geometrical shape and conforms to industry best practices for internal heat dissipation.
      • Secure, maintenance-free terminals, which offer anti-vibration connections and maintain terminal pressure for the lifetime of the capacitor, are factory installed on all LKT-F capacitors.  


Dimensions and Size of Capacitors
Frako Power Electronics Capacitor Drawing

*Height & Width varies by rating. 


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