Frako 3 Phase Capacitors

Frako 3 Phase Capacitors for Power Factor Correction, Tuned & Harmonic Filters

Frako 3 Phase Capacitors UL

Frako 3 Phase Capacitors DD60 / DP60  Type LKT

Frako 3 Phase Capacitors the Safer, Stronger Capacitors for Power Factor Correction and Harmonic Filters. 

Hans von Mangoldt logoFRAKO 3 Phase Capacitors are ideal for power factor improvement, tuned filters and other power quality filter systems.  Capacitor Type LKT is available
in DD60 (240-660V) and DP60 (690-800V). Both offer safer, stronger features.
         240V, 480V, 600V, 690-800V 

The DD60 capacitors are designed for real world conditions.  They are designed for high ambient temperature (up to 60°C continuous) as well as high harmonic current.  DD60 capacitors can carry up to 165% of their nominal capacitor current, continuously giving high performance in harmonic environments.

DD60 offer continuous voltage capability of 110% of rated voltage makes them suitable for use either with or without a series reactor (tuning, de-tuning or filter). This unique rating is an industry first in power factor capacitor design and enables one capacitor to serve a multitude of applications.

The DD60 capacitors allow for a reactor to be retrofitted into an existing power factor system to block harmonics and prevent resonance.  The DD60 capacitors can be used with or without a series reactor in either power factor or harmonic filter systems minimizing stocking requirements.   

Triple safety protection and high current capability are combined to deliver dependable performance under extreme conditions. Below are the general specifications for Frako 3 Phase Capacitors – Go to each Frako Capacitor rating page 240V, 480V, 600V, 690-800V for a listing of Frako capacitors.
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FRAKO 3 Phase Capacitors are available in two distinct specification levels:

Type DP60
690 & 800V

FRAKO AC Capacitors

FRAKO AC Capacitors

Type DD60 for higher
harmonic levels 240 – 660 V

FRAKO AC Capacitors

FRAKO AC Capacitors

Capacitor Type DP60
Used @ 60 Hz  1.5x INom
Used @ 50 Hz  1.8x INom
Capacitor Type DD60
Used @ 60 Hz   1.65x INom
Used @ 50 Hz  1.98x INom

FRAKO’s Safer and Stronger Features that Make a Difference:

Harmonic CurrentHigh-current-capacitor
Handles High
Industry Standards

UL CSA Approvals


Patented Anti-Vibration
TerminalsFrako_Caps2 copy
Dry Design

Dry-Type-Capacitors FRAKO AC Capacitors

FRAKO AC Capacitors

Patented Features

FRAKO safety

3-phase disconnect & patented segmented film


Features that matter:

  • Handles continuous current up to1.65 (60Hz) /1.98 (50Hz) times rated current
  • Withstands inrush current up to 208 (60Hz) /250 (50Hz) times rated current
  • Self-healing segmented film technology
  • Over-pressure 3-phase dis-connector
  • Handles high altitude without de-rating up to 4000 meters
  • Environment-friendly, dry type, no PCBs
  • cURus File # 337088, IEC 831-1, -2 / EN 60831-1,-2, CSA File # MC 256833
  • 1-phase rating available (IEC only)

Select the capacitor TYPE based on specification table:

  • Type DP60 690 & 800 V
  • Type DD60 240 – 660 V

Choose the Frako Capacitor TYPE best suited for your needs

Technical Data

Type DP60
690 & 800 V

Type DD60

240 – 660 V

  DP60 Specification DD60 Specification
Type LKT…-DP60 LKT…-DD60
Rated Reactive Power 1 to 30 kvar (60 Hz) 10 to 25 kvar (60 Hz)
Rated Voltage 690 – 800 Vac 240 – 660 Vac
Rated Frequency 60 Hz or 50 Hz 60 Hz or 50 Hz
Maximum Over-current 1.5 × lN (60 Hz)
1.8 × lN (50 Hz)
1.65 × lN (60 Hz)
1.98× lN (50 Hz)
Ambient Temperature -40°C to+60°C
-40°F to +140°F
-40°C to+60°C
-40°F to +140°F
Maximum Case Temperature 75 °C (167 °F) 75 °C (167 °F)
Test Voltage Terminal/Terminal 2.15 x UN for 2 sec,
plus 1.85 x UN for 18 sec
2.15 x UN for 2 sec,
plus 1.85 x UN for 18 sec
Test Voltage Terminal/Case 3,900 V, 2 sec 3,900 V, 2 sec
Mean Life Expectancy 130,000 hr 130,000 hr
Max. Relative Humidity   (Non-Condensing) 95% 95%
Max. Altitude 4,000m (13,124ft) 4,000m (13,124ft)
Number of Annual Switching Operations 40,000 40,000
Discharging Level
in 60 Sec.
≤50V ≤50V


Frako Capacitor Dimensions;
85mm diameter
(Ht* = 198, 250, 313, or 355 mm)
Frako AC Capacitors - Dimensions

Frako 3 Phase Capacitors – Dimensions

*Height varies by rating. See Catalog (PDFs)


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