Harmonic Analysis / Predictive Studies for Power Quality

Single Line Diagram into a Digital Twin
Single Line Diagram to a Digital Twin

Harmonic Analysis Using a Digital Twin of The Electrical System

We construct a digital twin of your electrical system’s key elements and run computer simulations to take virtual measurements throughout the power system for our harmonic analysis reports. We use numerous probes at all critical points where data is required. We quickly and cost-effectively model your system. We do not need to enter your facility!

What we need: a single line electrical diagram, ratings of power sources and major equipment, and your objectives.

What we provide: a written summary report with key wave-forms and harmonic data to the 100th harmonic, explanation of the results and our recommendations to meet your power quality objectives.

Industries served: We have provided harmonic analysis reports for hundreds of power systems including water and wastewater treatment facilities, oil/gas pipelines, oil/gas drilling, and pumping, irrigation systems, casinos, mining, induction heating, arc furnaces, industrial facilities, food processing facilities, data centers, office buildings and more. We can offer our standard analysis & report format or follow the report requirements identified in your engineering specification.

Servicing Customers Throughout the World

  • Predictive analysis for harmonic distortion to the 100th harmonic (and beyond)
  • Harmonic analysis report with our recommendations
  • Determine compliance with power quality standards, such as:

IEEE-519             AS2279

IEEE-1547           EN61000-4-7

BS G5/4

  • Power factor analysis, PF equipment sizing, ROI analysis
  • Technical recommendations to solve or prevent power quality problems
  • Analysis and reports follow IEEE 399 guidelines

Our Own Proprietary Computer-Model Library:

We can model complete power systems at the discrete component level and have constructed our library of time-saving modules for power electronics equipment including:

  • 6, 12, 18, 24 and up to 54-pulse drives
  • Drives with an active front end (voltage source or current source)
  • DC drives and other SCR power converters
  • Renewable energy grid-tied inverters


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Information required for Harmonic Analysis
In most cases, we can perform a complete report from our office, eliminating the cost of an on-site visit. Typically, we will need the following information:

  1. Single line diagram with ratings of power sources & major loads
  2. Explanation of your power quality problems or concerns
  3. Power quality measurement data if available
  4. Operating conditions to be considered
  5. State your power quality objectives

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Following the guidelines of IEEE-399, we can perform a system analysis of single or multiple loads and provide you with a meaningful report complete with our explanation of the problem and the recommended solution. Drawing from decades of experience and using computerized simulation software we are able to analyze disturbance sources, quantify the magnitudes of current and voltage at any point in a circuit and evaluate wave-forms and harmonic spectra throughout a system. Our in-depth reports can include waveform analysis, harmonic data, power factor, DC bus stability, motor voltage, resonance conditions, and more.

Comprehensive Harmonic Analysis Includes:

  • Predictive analysis for harmonic distortion
  • A thorough report with recommendations
  • Determine compliance with power quality standards
    • IEEE-519,   IEEE 1547,  BS G5/4,  AS2279,  EN 61000-4-7
  • Power factor analysis if needed
  • Technical recommendations to solve or prevent power quality problems
  • Analysis and reports follow IEEE-399 Guidelines

We can perform harmonic distortion analysis to predict the distortion levels in your electrical system and to help you to comply with international power quality standards. The analysis includes a comprehensive technical report illustrating key harmonic data as well as our recommendations to meet your PQ objectives.

Reasons for Performing Power Quality Analysis

  • Benchmark of present power quality
  • Evaluate compliance with Power Quality Standards or Engineering Specs
  • History of power quality problems
    • – Failure of power factor capacitors
    • – Overheating of transformers, motors, cables, etc.
    • – Mis-operations of protection relays, over-current devices or control devices
  • Plant expansions where either significant non-linear loads or a significant amount of capacitance is added
  • Design of a new facility or power system
  • Identify potential PQ problems
  • Unexplained equipment operation problem
  • Evaluate the opportunity to reduce energy costs

These Services Normally Provided to:

  • Industrial and Commercial Facilities
  • Suppliers of Power Electronics Equipment
  • Suppliers of Power Quality Equipment
  • OEMs and System Integrators
  • Architectural Engineering Firms
  • Electrical Contractors
  • More

Harmonic filter design service is also available.

Harmonic Analysis for both Low and Medium Voltage Systems. We can help you to comply with engineering specs, industry standards, and utility regulations.  

Harmonic Analysis / Predictive Studies can consider multiple power sources and compliance with power quality standards.
Allied Industrial Marketing can analyze power quality problems and perform predictive studies such as power factor and harmonic distortion analysis. We can perform harmonic distortion analysis to the 100th harmonic (and beyond) based on your linear and non-linear loads and make recommendations that will help you to comply with international power quality standards such as IEEE-519, IEEE-1547, EN 61000-4-7, AS2279, BS G5/4, etc. Our reports follow the guidelines of IEEE-399.


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Typical Sources of Harmonic Distortion
AC Variable Frequency Drives Battery Chargers
DC Adjustable Speed Drives Welders
Switched-Mode Power Supplies Frequency Changers
Grid-tied inverters Arc Furnaces
Lighting Ballasts Uninterruptible Power Supplies (UPS)
Rectifiers Computers / Slot Machines


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