Power Quality Filter Design & Optimization

We can design a broad range of power quality filter designs. 

Power Quality Filter Design
Power Quality Filter Design

Allied Industrial Marketing can design a wide variety of power quality filters for use in solving harmonic distortion, voltage notching, power factor, and pulse width modulation (PWM) voltage distortion problems.  Additionally, we can optimize your existing filter designs and define accurate specifications for the key filter components (reactors and capacitors).  Call us, Email or Contact Us with your goals and objectives for power quality filter designs.  Harmonic filter designs follow the guidelines of IEEE-1531.

Servicing Customers Throughout the World

  • Design filters to solve power quality problems
  • Provide complete filter circuit and component specifications
  • Provide simulated expectations for filter performance

Our Power Quality Filter Design Capabilities:

  • Tuned harmonic filters (single or multiple frequencies)
  • Low pass (wideband) harmonic filters for VFDs and UPS.
  • 12 & 18 pulse converter for standard 6-pulse drives
  • L-C-L filters for grid-tie inverter systems
  • L-C Sinewave (dv/dt) filters for motors operated on PWM inverters
  • Filters for VFD operated submersible motors
  • 5% THD-i Filters
  • Harmonic filters for rectifiers and battery chargers

Typical Clients for Filter Design:

    • Power Quality Equipment Manufacturers
    • Power Electronics Equipment Manufacturers
    • OEMs & System Integrators
    • Design & Engineering Firms


Harmonic filter designs follow guidelines of IEEE-1531

Filter design services are available for either a single one-time requirement or to develop a complete (OEM) product range.
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