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The Goal of Our Power Quality Services is to Help You Solve or Prevent Power Quality Problems.  

Power Quality Services
Electrical Power Quality

Whether you have only one challenging load or a complete facility affected by power quality problems, our power quality services can help to diagnose the problem, quantify the magnitude of the problem through analysis and simulation, and recommend methods to solve it.  We use computer simulation to evaluate alternative solutions for power quality problems.  If you want, we can also design an appropriate power quality solution for you or your supplier to produce.  Our goal is to help you solve or prevent power quality problems.  Just call to ask about our power quality services or to discuss your power quality concern.  Member of IEEE, AEE, AFE, WAEE, PFMA.

Servicing Customers Throughout the World

Services Offered:

Interpretation of Power Quality Data That You Have Collected

  • Explanation of the power quality data
  • Our observations relating to significant power quality events/data
  • Recommendations to resolve specific power quality issues
  • Recommendations to maintain power quality level for the future

Harmonic Analysis and Predictive Studies

  • Predictive analysis for harmonic distortion
  • Thorough report with our recommendations
  • Determine compliance with power quality standards, such as:
    • IEEE-519             AS2279
    • IEEE-1547           EN61000-4-7
    • BS G5/4
  • Power factor analysis, PF equipment sizing, ROI analysis
  • Technical recommendations to solve or prevent power quality problems
  • Analysis and reports follow IEEE 399 guidelines

Diagnosis of Power Quality Problems

  • Review single line diagram for sources of power quality disturbances
  • Analyze power quality data and disturbance producing loads
  • Run simulations to evaluate alternative solutions
  • Recommend appropriate solution

Power Quality Filter Design & Optimization

  • Design filters to solve power quality problems
  • Provide complete filter circuit and component specifications
  • Provide simulated expectations for filter performance
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