Power Quality Seminars

Power Quality Seminars for Professional Development

Our educational power quality seminars increase awareness and understanding.

Technical power quality seminars and training programs are offered for various power quality topics.  Based on nearly three decades of experience in the design and application of power quality solutions, Allied Industrial Marketing offers power quality seminars and training to advance the awareness and understanding of power quality issues and remedies for electrical professionals.  Both public or private programs are available as either webinar based or in-person presentations. Choose from our standard programs or have us develop one to meet your specific needs.   Visit our Seminar Schedule for our next seminar.

Power Quality Seminars are Geared Towards:  


Facility Managers
Motors / Drives Industry
Systems Integrators
Electrical Design Firms
Grid Inter-tie Engineers
Maintenance Engineers

Power Quality Seminars Approved by Wisconsin Department of Safety and Professional Services (DSPS)

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Power Quality Seminars

We offer a wide range of educational (non-commercial) seminars which focus on various aspects of electrical power quality.  Power quality seminars can be presented to either private or public audiences. Choose from our standard seminar programs or have us tailor one to fit your needs.


  • Basic Harmonics Seminar:
    • Explanation of harmonics
    • Causes of harmonics
    • Symptoms and typical impact of harmonics
    • Power quality standards
    • Remedies for harmonics
  • Intermediate Harmonics Seminar:
    • Identification of harmonics
    • Impact of harmonics on total power factor
    • Impact of harmonics on energy efficiency
    • Problems associated with harmonics
    • Alternative methods for mitigating harmonics
    • Basic harmonic analysis

Power Factor

  • Power Factor Seminar:
    • Explanation of power factor
    • Causes of low power factor
    • Impact of power factor on overall efficiency
    • Problems associated with low power factor
    • Costs associated with low power factor
    • Remedies for low power factor

PWM Voltage

  • Impacts of PWM Voltage on Motors:
    • Nature of pulse width modulation (PWM) voltage
    • Implications of long motor leads
    • Solving for PWM voltage

Power Quality Training Programs at Your Venue

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We can offer training programs that are tailored to meet your specific needs. You can choose the specific topics to be covered and the amount of time allocated for the training program. You supply the meeting location, presentation equipment, and materials; we can develop and present the technical training program.  Contact us with your power quality seminar requests. 1-262-618-2403