Frako Power Factor Correction Capacitors

Frako Power Factor Correction Capacitors

Frako 3 Phase Power Factor Corrections Capacitors & Harmonic Filters

FRAKO Power Factor Correction Capacitors (AC), Frako Contactors and Frako Controllers are ideal for power factor improvement, tuned filters, and other power quality filter systems.  The unique design of Frako’s DD60 Capacitor takes into consideration reactor voltage boosting and harmonics on the electrical system

    • 1 to 25 kVAR

    • 240V to 800V

    • High Continuous Current-Carrying Capacity

    • Designed for High Ambient Temperature (60°C Continuous)

    • Designed for Harmonic Current

    • Dry Type, No Oil To Leak!

    • cURus 

    • Factory Installed, Maintenance Free Terminals, Finger Safe!

    • Handles High Altitude

Frako 3Phase Power Factor Capacitor, FRAKO Power Factor Corrections Capacitors

Frako 3-Phase Power Factor Capacitor

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