Mangoldt Reactors

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Mangoldt Reactors

Mangoldt Reactors

Low and Medium Voltage Reactors by Hans von Mangoldt

Reactor Technology at its best.

Hans von Mangoldt logoHans von Mangoldt (Mangoldt) has been producing reactors since 1941 and has supplied hundreds of thousands reactors for a wide range of applications.  Our main scope of production consists of iron-core and air-core reactors for reactive power compensation, harmonic filters, inverter and motor drive applications as well as other power quality solutions.  Our certified products meet the highest quality and performance standards and are applied on rigorous applications throughout the world.

Visit our reactor product pages for custom and standard reactors:

Low Voltage Reactors
Medium Voltage Reactors
Standard De-tuning Reactors
Current Limiting Reactors
Indirect Water Cooled Reactors

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