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Low and Medium Voltage Reactors by Hans von Mangoldt

Mangoldt Reactors & Inductors
Mangoldt Reactors & Inductors Low and Medium Voltage

Reactor Technology at its best.

Hans von Mangoldt (Mangoldt) has been producing reactors since 1941 and has supplied hundreds of thousands of reactors for a wide range of applications.  Our main scope of production consists of iron-core and air-core reactors for reactive power compensation, harmonic filters, inverter and motor drive applications as well as other power quality solutions.  Our certified products meet the highest quality and performance standards and are applied to rigorous applications throughout the world.
Line / Load Reactors, Filter Reactors, Standard De-tuning Reactors, Compensation Reactors, Air-core Reactors, Smoothing Reactors, Audio Frequency Blocking Devices, Tuning Inductors, Active Filter Reactors, dv/dt – Limiting Chokes, Sinusoidal Filter Reactors, Common Mode Chokes, and Specialized Products.

Reactive power compensationReactive power compensation

MANGOLDT designs and produces a variety of high-quality reactors that make an essential contribution to the effective compensation of reactive power.  This reactive power control can also prevent overloads in generators, facilities, and machines, as well as in complete power grids.



Renewable energy Renewable energy systems

Reactors by MANGOLDT ensure low-loss energy generation and safely protect supply grids at feeders and at interconnections between different energy supply companies.



Inverter and drive applicationsInverter and Drive technology

Reactors by MANGOLDT effectively reduce the interferences caused by converters and from the supply grid, which increases the system reliability and service life. Our application-specific designs combine high performance and reliability while permitting smaller physical size to reduce investment and operating costs.



active filter reactorsActive filter

Whether in industrial environments or in commercial and office building installations: Active filter reactors permit safe operation of plants and drives.



Power Plant reactorsPower plant technology

MANGOLDT technology can be found in conventional power plants wherever very high reliability is needed – in particular in startup converters. They are an important component for reducing interferences in the power-electronic equipment.



Induction heating reactorsInduction heating

MANGOLDT reactors effectively contribute to higher energy efficiency and functional safety in power converters used in plants using induction heating. Continuous development efforts have enabled us to increase the performance of our air-cooled reactors for use in medium-size plants using induction furnaces or ovens. 



Audio Frequency equipment Audio frequency transmission equipment

MANGOLDT audio frequency blocking filters are high precision filters that safely block control signals for a defined frequency. At the same time, all currents at the system fundamental frequency are able to pass with minimal loss. The filters form an effective and protective shield against undesired interferences – e.g. for reactive power compensation facilities, individual consumers or mains areas. They also protect electrical distribution systems against interference levels that may be emitted by power electronics equipment such as those that produce renewable or regenerated energy.


Charging systems reactors Charging Systems

Reliable, durable and quick charging systems are an indispensable key to the sustainable success of alternative energies. In many applications for charging of power accumulators, MANGOLDT reactor technology helps to ensure the efficient transformation of charging voltages for loss-free charging processes. It also contributes to expanding the service life of electric accumulators.  Charging systems are becoming more and more important as regeneratively produced energy is often being stored in accumulators. One of the fastest-growing areas of this use is electromobility.



specialized reactorsSpecialized products

In addition to the application-specific design of our reactors, MANGOLDT also offers highly customized specialized value-added products according to the latest industrial standards. Our precisely customized solutions are based on collaborative innovation resulting from many years of experience, by our highly qualified team of development engineers combined with state-of-the-art production capabilities. We are able to design, develop and produce just the right solution for each specific application – from individual components to complete product ranges.



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