Standard De-Tuning Reactors

Type DTR Standard Line of De-Tuning Reactors for Capacitor Bank Protection

by Hans von Mangoldt

Mangoldt De-tuning Reactors cULus Listed

Mangoldt De-tuning Reactors cULus Listed

Reactor Technology at its best.

Mangoldt Reactors LogoHans von Mangoldt standard line of Type DTR Capacitor De-Tuning reactors are specially made for power factor capacitor banks. Mangoldt offers exclusive PolyGap® core construction for minimum stray flux, minimum losses due to harmonics, and precise, balanced inductance in all three phases.

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Hans von Mangoldt has become the standard for excellence in reactor (inductor) design due to their precise inductance, accurate design and performance characteristics. Mangoldt Type DTR De-Tuning reactors protect capacitors from harmonics.  Type DTR De-Tuning Reactors 3 phase, cULus listed, & available IEC.



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HvM Detuning Reactors Catalog PDF

480V, 60Hz, 3-phase
600V, 60Hz, 3-phase


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  • Capacitor De-tuning reactors
Standard Product Specifications:
 UL Ratings
Voltage Class  (3-phase) 480, 600 V
Voltage SpectrumV1V3V5V7
Inductance Tolerance-2%…+ 3% per phase inductance
Dielectric Strength3kV for one minute
Core ConstructionPolyGap®
Ambient Temperature50° C maximum
Temperature Rise115° C
Cooling / ventilationNatural convection air
Temperature SwitchN.O. over temp switch included
Altitude (without derating)1000 meters (3280 feet) maximum
Agency ApprovalcURus File #E173113


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Testing Capabilities:

Low Voltage Routine Test: Inductance at RMS current, Inductance linearity, Dielectric test.

Type Test:   Inductance, Q-factor, power losses and temperature rise tested with specified (actual) harmonic currents. Inductance linearity, dielectric voltage test.

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cURus File # E 173113, IEC 60076

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