Standard De-Tuning Reactors

Type DTR Standard Line of De-Tuning Reactors for Capacitor Bank Protection

by Hans von Mangoldt

De-tuning Reactors

De-tuning Reactors

Reactor Technology at its best.

Mangoldt Reactors LogoHans von Mangoldt standard line of Type DTR Capacitor De-Tuning reactors are specially made for power factor capacitor banks. Mangoldt offers exclusive PolyGap® core construction for minimum stray flux, minimum losses due to harmonics, and precise, balanced inductance in all three phases. Hans von Mangoldt has become the standard for excellence in reactor (inductor) design due to their precise inductance, accurate design and performance characteristics. Mangoldt Type DTR De-Tuning reactors protect capacitors from harmonics. UL listed 3 phase reactors.

Type DTR De-Tuning Reactors
3 phase
cULus listed available  IEC

Choose the Voltage and Frequency needed from these tables:

480V, 60Hz, 3-phase
600V, 60Hz, 3-phase

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  • Capacitor De-tuning reactors
Standard Product Specifications:
  UL Ratings
Voltage Class  (3-phase)  480, 600 V
Frequency 60Hz
Voltage Spectrum V1 V3 V5 V7
  105% 0.5% 5% 5%
Inductance Tolerance -2%…+ 3% per phase inductance
Dielectric Strength 3kV for one minute
Core Construction PolyGap®
Ambient Temperature 50° C maximum
Temperature Rise 115° C
Cooling / ventilation Natural convection air
Temperature Switch N.O. over temp switch included
Altitude (without derating) 1000 meters (3280 feet) maximum
Agency Approval cURus File #E173113



Testing Capabilities:

Low Voltage Routine Test: Inductance at RMS current, Inductance linearity, Dielectric test.

Type Test:   Inductance, Q-factor, power losses and temperature rise tested with specified (actual) harmonic currents. Inductance linearity, dielectric voltage test.

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cURus File # E 173113, IEC 60076