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IHF Input Harmonic Filter Kit 

Mangoldt’s Type IHF Input Harmonic Filters provide three stages of filtering to achieve low residual harmonic distortion levels, enabling electrical power systems to comply with the  limits of IEEE-519 and other international power quality standards. They are wide band harmonic filters, where low frequency current, such as 60Hz or 50Hz, passes easily through the filter, but the harmonic currents are attenuated (filtered). All harmonic currents, that are characteristic of a 3-phase, 6-pulse rectifier, will be significantly reduced.

Mangoldt gives you the choice of 5% THD-i, 8% THD-i or 12% THD-i and also considers any internal reactor in the drive so you get the performance you need at the lowest price. The Input Stage and Shunt Stage are the same whether a filter is to achieve 5%, 8% or 12% THDi. Only the Output Stage reactor changes to achieve the various THD-i performance levels.


IHF Input Harmonic Filters (kit)

  • 480V Input Harmonic Filters
  • THDi:    5%  /  8%  /  12%
  • HP: 5 to 1200HP
  • Optional 2-Stage Filter when VFD  includes a >3%  reactor
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