Line Load Reactors

“5-in-1” Line/Load Reactors by Mangoldt

Mangoldt Plant Engineering Product of the Year Winner
Plant Engineering Product of the Year Winner

For Use On Either Line or Load Side of Drives.

Mangoldt offers a standard product line of “5-in-1” Line/Load Reactors for use in adjustable speed drive applications. Due to their exclusive PolyGap ® core construction, pioneered by Mangoldt in the 1990s, each of these standard reactors serves at least five different purposes: Line Reactor, Load Reactor, dv/dt Reactor, PWM Reactor, and Voltage Notch Reactor.

Mangoldt  “5 in 1”  Line/Load Reactors are Chosen by Engineers Because they:
Absorb Voltage Transients  –  Suppress Harmonics  –  Offer Full and Balanced Inductance in ALL 3 Phases!


Mangoldt “5-in-1”
Mangoldt “5-in-1”
Selection Chart:
Mangoldt “5-in-1”
Application Notes:
Line / Load Reactor “5-in-1” Catalog

Mangoldt “5-in-1” Selection Chart

Solving VFD Over-Voltage Nuisance Tripping 001
Protecting Against VFD Front End Damage 002
Minimizing the Effects of Voltage Notching 003
Validity of Watts Loss Data for Line Reactors 004
Mangoldt reactors solve many VFD application problems and protect drives and VFD driven motors by reducing harmonic current, transients, SCR voltage notches, dv/dt, and PWM reflected voltage pulses. One reactor can satisfy any of at least five different applications, especially the most common five issues.

“5 in 1” Applications:

Mangoldt Line Load Reactor
Mangoldt Line & Load Reactor Video
    •   Line reactor
    •   Load Reactor
    •   dv/dt Reactor
    •   PWM Reactor
    •   SCR Notch Reactor

Basic Specifications:

  • Construction:   PolyGap® Iron Core
  • Voltage:             480 Volts, 600/690 Volts
  • Phases:              3-phase
  • Impedance:       3%, 5%
  • Frequency:        50Hz, 60Hz,
  • Waveforms:      Sine wave, PWM, SCR Notch
  • Approvals:         CUL Listed up to 690 Vac
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