Line Load Reactors

Line Load Reactor Type ACL Mangoldt’s Line, Load Reactor Type ACL For Use On Either Line or Load Side of Drives. 

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ACL Line / Load Reactor

The Engineer’s Choice for Line Load Reactors!  

Mangoldt offers a standard product line of line load reactors for use in adjustable speed drive applications. Due to their exclusive PolyGap ® core construction, pioneered by Mangoldt in the 1990s, each of these standard reactors serves at least five different purposes: Line reactor, load reactor, dv/dt reactor, PWM reactor, and voltage notch reactor.

Mangoldt  “5 in 1”  ACL Reactor is Chosen by Engineers Because:
It absorbs Voltage Transients
Suppresses Harmonics
Offers Full and Balanced Inductance in ALL 3 Phases!

Mangoldt reactors solve many VFD application problems and protect drives and VFD driven motors by reducing harmonic current, transients, SCR voltage notches, dv/dt, and PWM reflected voltage pulses. One reactor can satisfy any of at least five different applications, especially the most common five issues.


Line / Load Reactor Type ACL Catalog

Application Notes:
Solving VFD Over-Voltage Nuisance Tripping APP-Note-001
Protecting Against VFD Front End Damage APP-Note-002
Minimizing the Effects of Voltage Notching APP-Note-003
Validity of Watts Loss Data for Line Reactors APP-Note-004

“5 in 1” Applications:

  •   Line reactor
  •   Load Reactor
  •   dv/dt Reactor
  •   PWM Reactor
  •   SCR Notch Reactor

Basic Specifications:

  • Construction:   PolyGap Core, Iron Core.
  • Voltage:             480 Volt, 600-volt
  • Phases:              3-phase
  • Frequency:        50Hz, 60Hz, 
  • Waveforms:      Sine wave, PWM, SCR Notch
  • Approvals:         CUL Listed up to 690 Vac

Power Protection for Adjustable Speed Drive Systems. 


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