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Harmonic Filter
Mangoldt IHF Input Harmonic Filter Kit with Building Block Versatility!

Mangoldt’s Harmonic Filter Kits Please Vote!
We are honored to inform you that Mangoldt’s Harmonic Filter Kits are a Finalist for the Consulting-Specifying Engineer Magazine “Product-of-the-Year-Award” in the Power Systems & Equipment category!

Voting is taking place now, and we would appreciate your help!

You can register and vote at: https://surveys.cfemedia.com/s3/votecse2021poy.

  • First Register at CSE magazine
  • Scroll down the page for category headings Heading: “Power Systems & Equipment”
  • Vote for Mangoldt Type IHF Kit. 

Vote Mangoldt IHF Harmonic Filter




The voting will end on September 10th, 2021, so we need your support.

We appreciate the recognition that Mangoldt’s IHF Harmonic Filter Kits are getting for their building blocks versatility and guaranteed harmonic distortion levels of 5%, 8% or 12% THD-i, with lower-cost options for VFDs with internal reactors.

In June, we were excited to debut our Input Harmonic Filter (IHF) kits at the EASA 2021 Convention in Fort Worth, Texas.  The IHF Filter Kits were well received by OEMs and System integrators alike.

Please check out the IHF Harmonic Filter Kits for yourself. Our VFD Input Harmonic Filters can achieve 5%, 8%, or 12% THDi in VFD applications and may also be used with DC drives and other 6-pulse AC to DC rectifiers.  Mangoldt IHF Harmonic Filter Kits are an excellent way for you to offer harmonic mitigation to broaden your product portfolio.

Did we mention the IHF Harmonic Filter Kits are affordable too?

Check us out today!  Here is a link to the Catalog & Selection Chart.  

IHF Input Harmonic Filter page

We strive to make a difference by partnering with our customers to protect electrical assets and production equipment. We look forward to hearing from you!


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