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Join us in 2018 for our various Power Quality Seminars.  Gain confidence in identifying and solving power quality problems in 2018 with our series of power quality seminars. We have a list of five seminars offered in logical order that build upon each other.   Put this list of power quality seminars on your 2018 ‘To Do List’.   The 2018 Calendar of Power Quality Seminars is approved by the State of Wisconsin DSPS for credit hours. 

2018 Power Quality Seminars
2018 Power Quality Seminars

We Offer Educational Power Quality Seminars & Training for Electrical Professionals.  

See our listing of seminars below or visit our seminar events page:

January 19, 2018…….Introduction to Power Quality  (4hrs DSPS # 18431) 
February 16, 2018……Power Factor Seminar  (4hrs DSPS # 17409)
March 16, 2018……….Fundamentals of Harmonics   (4hrs DSPS # 173830  
April 13, 2018…………Power Quality in Motor Control Applications   (4hrs DSPS  # 18902)  
May 18, 2018………….Harmonics Seminar 8hrs   (DSPS # 14899)  
June 22, 2018…………Introduction to Power Quality   (4hrs DSPS # 18431)  
July 20, 2018………….Power Factor Seminar 4hrs   (DSPS # 17409)  
August 17, 2018………Fundamentals of Harmonics   (4hrs DSPS # 17383)  
September 21, 2018…Power Quality in Motor Control Applications   (4hrs DSPS  # 18902)  
October 19, 2018…….Harmonics Seminar   (8hrs DSPS # 14899)  
November 16, 2018….Introduction to Power Quality   (4hrs DSPS # 18431)    
December 14, 2018….Power Factor Seminar   (4hrs DSPS # 17409)  

Visit our Power Quality Seminar Schedule

Introduction to Power Quality  More info on this Seminar
Power Factor Seminar  More info on this Seminar
Fundamentals of Harmonics  More info on this Seminar
Power Quality in Motor Control Applications 
More info on this Seminar
Harmonics Seminar  More info on this Seminar
The above Power Quality Seminars are approved by the State of Wisconsin for credential types:
Commercial Electrical Inspector Certification, Industrial Journeyman Electrician License, Journeyman Electrician License, Master Electrician License, (Intro to PQ – Registered Electrician Registration)

We are committed to increasing awareness and understanding of power quality problems and practical solutions to help participants make informed decisions about power quality.

Power Quality Training Programs at Your Venue

We can offer training programs that are tailored to meet your specific needs. You can choose the specific topics to be covered and the amount of time allocated for the training program. You supply the meeting location, presentation equipment, and materials; we can develop and present the technical training program.

Visit our Power Quality Seminar Schedule

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