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Harmonics Seminar Added to September Schedule $229

This eight hour seminar explains harmonic distortion and its causes, identifies problems associated with harmonics and practical limits for harmonic distortion. The seminar teaches methods to identify, reduce and to avoid harmonics problems and how to predict estimated levels of harmonic distortion.  Learn More.


Power Quality Seminars Geared Towards:    

Harmonics Seminars
Harmonics Seminars
  • Engineers
  • Architects
  • Facility Managers
  • Motors / Drives Industry
  • OEMs
  • Systems Integrators
  • Industrial Electricians
  • Electrical Design Firms
  • Grid Inter-tie Engineers
  • Maintenance Engineers
  • More…

Please Join us at the below seminars which are approved by the State of Wisconsin DSPS and approved for Credit Hours for these credential types:
Commercial Electrical Inspector Certification, Industrial Journeyman Electrician License, Journeyman Electrician License, Master Electrician License

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