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Fundamentals of Harmonics Seminar – 4 Credit Hours

Power Quality Seminars Approved by the Wisconsin Department of Safety and Professional Services DSPS Course ID # 17383

Fundamentals of Harmonics Seminar
Fundamentals of Harmonics Seminar


Cedarburg, WI
Please join us for the Fundamentals of Harmonics Seminar. This
is a four-hour seminar approved by the State of Wisconsin for credit hours.  This seminar teaches the fundamentals of harmonics, including harmonic distortion and its causes, problems associated with harmonics and practical limits for harmonic distortion. The seminar discusses the methods to identify, reduce and to avoid harmonics problems.
Upon completion of this course, participants should have a meaningful understanding of harmonic voltage and current distortion, along with, the impact that harmonics can have on electric power systems.   Comprehension of the causes of harmonics as well as the methods to avoid or minimize harmonics.

Outline of the Seminar:

This course applies to electrical industry professionals serving either industrial or
commercial environments.

This course applies to electrical industry professionals serving either industrial or commercial environments. For maximum benefit of this course, participants should have an understanding of basic electrical principles such as Ohms law, power, electrical metering, motors, and general electrical equipment and systems and a working knowledge of basic algebra.

I. Introduction

a. Reference materials
b. What is harmonic distortion?
c. Linear and non-linear loads
d. Voltage and current distortion
e. Harmonic spectrum
f. Total Harmonic Distortion

II. Causes of Harmonic Current Distortion

a. End-user equipment
b. AC to DC power conversion equipment
c. Block diagram for VFD or UPS
d. Types of Rectifiers
e. The sequence of harmonics by rectifier type
f. 6-pulse rectifiers
g. 12 & 18 pulse rectifier distortions

III. Problems caused by Harmonics

a. Wasted energy, increased current & kVA
b. Equipment failure, Increased operating temperatures
c. Fuse blowing, C.B. tripping
d. Effects of harmonics on transformers
e. Effects of harmonics on capacitors
f. Harmonic resonance (series & parallel)
g. Harmonic voltage distortion
h. SCR voltage notching
i. The remedy for SCR voltage notching
j. Total power factor

IV. IEEE Std 519, 2014 – Limits for Harmonic Distortion

a. Voltage distortion limits
b. Current distortion limits
c. IEEE 519 definitions
d. Voltage notching limits


The Harmonics Seminar is approved by the State of Wisconsin for credential types:
Commercial Electrical Inspector Certification, Industrial Journeyman Electrician License, Journeyman Electrician License, Master Electrician License

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