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Power Factor Seminars
Power Factor Seminars

Power Factor Seminar Dec. 14, 2018 – $139.00

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Power Factor Seminar PQ-(102)

Power Factor Seminar accredited by State of Wisconsin DSPS # 17409 4 credit hrs. Great for Commercial Electrical Inspector Certification, Industrial Journeyman Electrician License, Journeyman Electrician License, Master Electrician License and Electrical Professionals.

This four-hour power factor seminar course explains the three
types of power factor, from a cause and effect
basis. The seminar demonstrates how to
size power factor capacitors for various types of
situations and the pitfalls to be avoided!
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Introduction to Power Factor
Definition of power factor
Benefits of high power factor
Problems with low power factor
Types of Power Factor

Fundamental Frequency (Displacement) Power Factor
Motor currents and PF
Typical PF by industry
Lagging (inductive) current
Leading (capacitive) current
How much capacitance to add
Harmonic resonance
Detuning capacitors to avoid resonance
Capacitor boosting (Voltage, kVAR, current)
Local vs. Centralized capacitors
Fixed vs. automatic PF capacitor systems
Capacitor switching device ratings
Cost of low power factor

Distortion Power Factor
Estimating distortion PF based on harmonic current distortion
Causes of low distortion power factor (harmonic distortion)
Typical current distortion by equipment
What does harmonic current distortion look like?
Improving distortion PF

Total (true rms) Power Factor
The function of both displacement and distortion PF
Best practices
Decisions to be made about total PF

The Power Factor Seminar is approved by the State of Wisconsin for credential types:
Commercial Electrical Inspector Certification, Industrial Journeyman Electrician License, Journeyman Electrician License, Master Electrician License

Several real-life examples are worked as a
group to demonstrate the techniques used to
perform analysis of power factor, size power
factor equipment and to quantify the expected
results and ROI.
Upon completion of this course, participants
should have a meaningful understanding of the
various types of power factor, the impact that
low power factor has on electric power systems,
the causes of low power factor, methods to
analyze power factor and methods to improve
power factor.
This course is applicable to the electrical industry
professionals serving either industrial or
commercial environments. For maximum benefit
of this course, participants should have an
understanding of basic electrical principles such
as Ohms law, power, electrical metering, motors
and general electrical equipment and systems.
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