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PFMA Connection Article “Precautionary Best Practices for Electrical Power Quality”

Best Practices Power Quality
Best Practices Power Quality

Precautionary Best Practices for Electrical Power Quality    by John Houdek

Electrical power quality disturbances can disrupt production by causing equipment malfunction or failure and reduce the life of electrical equipment. Power quality problems can cause frustration, be difficult to diagnose and expensive to solve. A few precautionary steps can help you to avoid them.  Read the rest of the article on page 7….

1 Reduction of Harmonic Current
2 Voltage Notch Reduction
3 Detuned Power Factor Capacitors
4 Transformer Capacity vs Motor Starting Current and More……

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Allied Industrial Marketing, Inc. specializes in Electrical Power Quality Services for the motor controls and automation industry. Our thirteen year old company offers three ranges of power quality services, including:

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  2. Training & seminars
  3. Sales of specialized power quality components to OEMs

Our Mission & Goal is to help you prevent or solve power quality problems.  Whether you are in need of: Harmonic AnalysisPower Quality DiagnosisFilter DesignMangoldt ReactorsFrako Capacitors or Power Quality Seminars, we would be honored to be of service!

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